Monday, September 24, 2012


The only thing that i like about the Fiestas Patrias is the time to stay home with my family and share with them. But when I write "family", I'm also talking about my friends. I'm not sure of what really celebrate us in this holidays, but i like to have holidays in september.
I normally spend this holidays with my father's family, but 5 years ago was the last time ( I'm not sure) that we go to a barbecue in my mother's family, that also, there are just brothers, because her parents died long time ago. So this barbecue was in my uncle's house in Quilicura, that is too far from my house, so we had to wake up too early (like 8:00 a.m) and travel like two hours, but we arrived in his house just to taste the barbecue hahaha. We eat a lot, and I don't know why people eat "empanadas" and "choripan" before the barbecue, and when finally barbecue is ready, you don't feel hungry. Maybe people gives you "empanadas" y "choripan" before because they don't want that you eat much meat hahahaa. But anyway we spent all the afternoon with cousins, uncles, and I like it because I could be with people that I can't never talk. So my brother started to sing "cuecas" and any song that you could imagine (because he's the musician in the family), and people danced until the end of the day.

I keep my teen's and childhood's memories like a treasure, I think that the biggest exile is "grow up". So your memories are the only way to travel (and build) to the past, to your "family's novel".

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jose Cito

Today i want to write about Jose, my friend and one of the best people that I've ever met. He studied in the same school than me, but we started to talk, just when we were in the university. He's also 2 years older than me, but we started to play music together, and one days with a few friends, we make a band. But i'm not writing about he, just for share a music project together , also he's a really conscious person, and when i said conscious i'm talking about "social class", alienation or exclusion. We share the live in the periphery, and he's always doing something to help, to bring a mobilizer's message. Because the time is valuable, and if you want to do something, you need "start today". With these ideas he takes an active part in a "settlers without land movement", where he work with a lot of people in La Pintana, building "popular's kindergarten".

I would like share more time with him, but like i said before, the time is valuable, and for his personality, he's always doing something so it's really hard to meet us in the week. We just meet on the weekend when we play with the band or when we go to some friend's house. I hope that on vacations we recover the conversations, jokes and time.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Woody Allen's Revelation

This year started different in the university, because i must to take five subject that represent the five work areas of psychology. This should show me where i can work and how can i do it. BUT i'm not agree with this subjects, at least, with their planification. For example, i think that i learned the clinic area so much more in Woody Allen films than in the subject "clinic psychology". Also, with this revelation i learned something, there are other spaces of formation where you can learn so much. I'm not (only) thinking in films, i'm talking about seminars, education groups, assitanships or another different ways to learn in the university, or by your own.

So i was very busy the first part of this year, reading about another subjects or disciplines that I'm interested too. I started to read Breton, Tzara, and follow the work of "surrealism and psychoanalysis", and their political project too. Also, I begin to interesting in another disciplines like journalism, and I started to believe in the power of the "image". This was my problem, have doubts about my vocation. But I understood that this doubts will be by my side forever, and I want that. I hope don't loose that interest for another subjects, and never fall into the deeps of "your own discipline".

Fortunately the first half of year ended and this last part of the year, I could choose my subjects by preference.