Monday, September 3, 2012

Woody Allen's Revelation

This year started different in the university, because i must to take five subject that represent the five work areas of psychology. This should show me where i can work and how can i do it. BUT i'm not agree with this subjects, at least, with their planification. For example, i think that i learned the clinic area so much more in Woody Allen films than in the subject "clinic psychology". Also, with this revelation i learned something, there are other spaces of formation where you can learn so much. I'm not (only) thinking in films, i'm talking about seminars, education groups, assitanships or another different ways to learn in the university, or by your own.

So i was very busy the first part of this year, reading about another subjects or disciplines that I'm interested too. I started to read Breton, Tzara, and follow the work of "surrealism and psychoanalysis", and their political project too. Also, I begin to interesting in another disciplines like journalism, and I started to believe in the power of the "image". This was my problem, have doubts about my vocation. But I understood that this doubts will be by my side forever, and I want that. I hope don't loose that interest for another subjects, and never fall into the deeps of "your own discipline".

Fortunately the first half of year ended and this last part of the year, I could choose my subjects by preference.


  1. Hi Felipe! It was really surprising to read you, because I'm a big fan of Woody Allen and I think their movies tell us a lot about Clinical Psychology too! . Actually... last week I saw a movie called "Hollywood ending" directed by Woody . In the movie the principal character suffered from an "psychological blindness" and the reason for his blindness could be understood in a very "psychoanalitic" way.. it was very funny.. if you haven't see this movie, you should do it! :D

  2. surrealism and psychoanalysis!?? together? Oh my god! that sound very interesting topic!
    i love woody allen's cine. maybe someday we can speak about him

  3. Well, I'm very much ignorant than you about movies haha, but I like Woody Allen too.
    About the doubts, you're all right, they will always be by our side, and maybe that's the beauty of all this, to not be sure..