Monday, September 10, 2012

Jose Cito

Today i want to write about Jose, my friend and one of the best people that I've ever met. He studied in the same school than me, but we started to talk, just when we were in the university. He's also 2 years older than me, but we started to play music together, and one days with a few friends, we make a band. But i'm not writing about he, just for share a music project together , also he's a really conscious person, and when i said conscious i'm talking about "social class", alienation or exclusion. We share the live in the periphery, and he's always doing something to help, to bring a mobilizer's message. Because the time is valuable, and if you want to do something, you need "start today". With these ideas he takes an active part in a "settlers without land movement", where he work with a lot of people in La Pintana, building "popular's kindergarten".

I would like share more time with him, but like i said before, the time is valuable, and for his personality, he's always doing something so it's really hard to meet us in the week. We just meet on the weekend when we play with the band or when we go to some friend's house. I hope that on vacations we recover the conversations, jokes and time.

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  1. oh, he seems like a really interesting person! you should bring him to the University sometime.