Monday, September 24, 2012


The only thing that i like about the Fiestas Patrias is the time to stay home with my family and share with them. But when I write "family", I'm also talking about my friends. I'm not sure of what really celebrate us in this holidays, but i like to have holidays in september.
I normally spend this holidays with my father's family, but 5 years ago was the last time ( I'm not sure) that we go to a barbecue in my mother's family, that also, there are just brothers, because her parents died long time ago. So this barbecue was in my uncle's house in Quilicura, that is too far from my house, so we had to wake up too early (like 8:00 a.m) and travel like two hours, but we arrived in his house just to taste the barbecue hahaha. We eat a lot, and I don't know why people eat "empanadas" and "choripan" before the barbecue, and when finally barbecue is ready, you don't feel hungry. Maybe people gives you "empanadas" y "choripan" before because they don't want that you eat much meat hahahaa. But anyway we spent all the afternoon with cousins, uncles, and I like it because I could be with people that I can't never talk. So my brother started to sing "cuecas" and any song that you could imagine (because he's the musician in the family), and people danced until the end of the day.

I keep my teen's and childhood's memories like a treasure, I think that the biggest exile is "grow up". So your memories are the only way to travel (and build) to the past, to your "family's novel".


  1. i am the kind of people who eat chopipanes before the barbecue D:

  2. People eat empanadas and choripanes before the barbecue because they are all TOO HUNGRY for wait to the meat xD