Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Beginning

Well, i like so much English, like my blog's name says hahahaha. I think that it's important, for my studies, my future work, or any job. You never know when need to speak a different language, and English is very common.
For example, i was working last weekend on Pulp's show, on the stage mouving instruments and all the technic stuff. And the tour's mannager not just speak only in english, they also talk to you as you could "think" very fast in english. So i must be clever and wake up to understand any indication, because if i wasn't probably the England's fury could attack me hahaaha.

I thought in the begin of this subjet, that was VERY scholar. The clasic model of disciplinary reproduction. But with time i understood, that the space in the class is different. Actually now i think that pedagogical technics are right. It's better talk with classmates, people that sometimes you don't know, so you need to speak, because "silence" with unknow people is uncomfortable. So you try better hahha.

About blogs, i think that are a "light" way to practise, but doesn't mean that are useless. Actually they are a space to work with english in different topics.

Well i would like to practice more. I like english, but my pronunciation is awful, but my spanish pronunciation is also bad hahaha. I'm bad modulating, but it's just training, i think haha.

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