Monday, November 12, 2012

"porque también somos lo que hemos perdido"

Amores Perros is an Iñárritu's film, and is not my favorite film, but represent a lot of strong feelings for me and a particular moment in my life. I saw it in my house 2 years ago, and i think that every Iñárritu's film talk about Angst, about the bitter changes of everything in life, a fracture that suddenly make that things fall into an abyss. This film is the first of  "death's trilogy" with Babel and 21 Gramos. Amorres Perros is a Drama film, starred by Gael García, Emilio Echevarría, Goya Toledo, etc. But this drama has strong scenes, violence, betray, marginality and despair. Apparently like a pulp fiction movie, but behind there are big concepts. In each film, Iñárritu write a sentence that summarize the film's concept. In this film he wrote porque también somos lo que hemos perdido. Maybe i like it so much because in this film i look into the abyss, i feel empathy with the characters, but, not in the american sense, when i write empathy i'm talking about feel with someone, in this movie i feel the vertigo of the tragedy. And i remember with this film a friend's brain accident, fortunately he's fine now, but he likes so much this movie and sometimes we talk about it, and his accident.

Usually people put a trailer to suggest a movie, today i'll give you a different thing, a song of the film's OST, that in my opinion, represent big part of the concept in this film.

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  1. I really enjoyed and had mixed feelings with this movie. I saw it when it came out. It really made me reflect(at the time) on the things we normally take for granted. I have enjoyed the other films by Inarritu as well. I also downloaded the soundtrack for this film.