Monday, November 5, 2012

In "nobody" we trust

Normally 60% of abstention could mean serious things, but i'm not sure this time about it. 
First, i didn't vote, honestly, just because i'm lazy, but it doesn't mean that i don't care the municipalities. I can rationalize in my defense and say that in my municipality (La Granja) the winner was decide few months ago, actually my municipality had one of the bigger differences between the winner, and second after him (something like 75% of votes of the people were for the winner). 
Delpin the new mayor, is (was) one of my father's old friend, because my father was an active member of DC long years ago. And i know, honestly and with responsibility  that the mayors just win for works that do with the biggest part in their communes, i mean, in the part of this where live the most of the people. Because in that way they guarantee the most of the votes, but the left one part without help. It's sounds obvious but it shouldn't be, if i know people who work in municipality or the mayor, i will have more profit that someone who never knew before, and it's not fair. 
The same thing happens in all our political system, is a government for the "friends", for the "little things", for the "grants", the scholarships, for the subsidies, it's like a bribe that all of us accept. 
I think that people didn't vote for two reason, and for these reason i will be a prejudice man:
1) People are lazy, you can't create a different "system" without work on the subject: without make "the social subject" possible.
2) People don't trust in the future promised by the political class, it doesn't matter who win, we lost ( at least that you know "someone" like i said before)

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  1. Unfortunately,a lot of truth in your statements.
    On a different note, great picture to a great movie (in my opinion)