Monday, August 20, 2012


Sometimes a neologism is correct to express and idea or concept that you can't find on books. "Imagology" is an example of this, Milan Kundera in Immortality, write about journalist and how they are behind advertising agencies, fashion stylist or anything that you can imagine, but also, they are behind political campaigns, political interviews and they manage prized political information. So imagology respond to this study and analysis of public image's people.

This idea is essential to understand the Wikileaks problem. Julian Assange's case, show us an example of a dangerous man for militar campaigns. If a journalist dig into political and militar business of big countries, he will find a dark and blurry true, but also, he will find a violent repression against him. And how we know, violence is not just physical.

Assange is being acussed for a crime with two faces. One is about treason and espionage, and the other is about sexual agressions. I don't know in details the case, but to speculate, don't wonder if a goverment create a staging to kill the "character", the symbol of a journalist that dig in political and militar information.
If this case born like a political crime, i believe that it will die as political staging. You fight journalism, with journalism, and if you can't find a mistake in the journalist that you want wreck, you created one.

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